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Backing up data is the most important part of owning a computer. Be it your home computer (precious digital photos, music, email, and documents), school computer/notebook (term papers, research work, documents and email), and/or work computers and servers (client data, program data, or email).


Where would you be ifyou lost all your customer contacts, documents, financial data, email or precious photos?

Do you have a backup solution that lets you rest assured at night?


Most Windows® products come with their own backup program built in which is a bit quirky and doesn’t always run as expected. The folks down under. at Cortex I.T. , heard all the issues and came to the rescue with their award winning product that piggybacks onto the built-in backup solution in most Windows® products.


Cortex I.T.’s product is called BackupAssist™ BackupAssist™ is truly the IT Manager’s dream come true. BackupAssist™ is so simple and easy to use, anyone from IT Departments to school children can run it and make sure that great backups, are consistently completed. BackupAssist™’s built-in reporting feature emails you detailed reports when the backups are done and when the rare backup job fails, this report leads you directly to the problem and gives you solutions to prevent further occurrences.


BackupAssist™ is secure, easy to understand, and an excellent value. No matter what your backup job, from computer workstations to networks and servers, BackupAssist™ can do it all, including multiple servers, exchange servers, SQL servers, even open files. BackupAssist makes sure your backup is copied to any destination you require, from a tiny USB thumb drive, to a tape drive, or even across the Internet to a remote location offsite.


No more reason not to have a great backup plan. BackupAssist™ makes Windows® backups a breeze – simple and cost effective too!!!


In a world of costly and complex backup solutions, BackupAssist™ fits right in with the best of them. Plus, since backup is already included with most Windows® products in a disaster recovery scenario, there is no need to load and configure complex software solutions once a Windows® operating system or related program, such as Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista, Windows Server 2000/2003/2008, Exchange and SQL, has been restored. While BackupAssist™ is fully capable of helping with data restoration, it is not essential to getting your backed up data recovered, making it even more valuable in a scenario where time is of the essence.


Contact us directly for more info on BackupAssist™ and to obtain a free fully functional download of this product. We are a BackupAssist™ “Gold Reseller” in North America.

BackupAssist Certified Gold Reseller

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