IOS 9, a true TGIF Gift!

September 18th, 2015

September 18, 2015


Greetings my dear friends!

I was up at 5AM yesterday upgrading a variety of Apple IOS devices (different age, models and sizes) to test for this review. When I say devices I am focusing on the main iPhones and iPads.

After extensive use I saw only improvements, pleasant surprise, and I think these are improvements you will all enjoy! PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SEE MY UPGRADE NOTES BELOW PRIOR TO UPGRADING!

Here are a few of the improvements:

  • Awesome Apple WiFi problems fix (new setting to assist)
  • SiRi major enhancement
  • Apple Pay (which is a really easy and so secure way of paying) totally upgraded
  • NEWS App, for free, added a really convenient way for you to have your own custom newspaper.
  • Multitasking on the iPad, meaning you can have two Apps running side by side
  • Apple Maps upgraded and includes public Transportation again!
  • For you Emoji Fans, a lot more, a lot!
  • New Keyboard, less prone to typos

Some great articles too:

Please note, not all these features are available on all devices. The one MAJOR feature, extended battery life of up to an hour, however, IMPORTANT those of you considering upgrading to the 6s, will actually encounter a reduction in battery life. My recommendation if you are going to upgrade your phone is to steer clear of the 6s until its been out for a while longer. The 6’s of course comes down in price once the new 6s’s are released.

Before upgrading, as always make sure your device has a recent iCloud backup. MOST IMPORTANT, make sure it is plugged in before doing and throughout the upgrade process. The upgrade can be found under “Settings”, “General” and Software. This does need to be a monitored process, so PLEASE do not hit upgrade and install and walk away. Give yourself an hour or so for this process. When completed make sure to enable “LOCATION SERVICES”.

If you want help with this or prefer one of our technical staff due this for you, after all that’s what we are here for, please feel free to call at 914-788-9210 or email


  • Ck

Twas The Night Before Windows 10 – A Christmas in July Story

August 4th, 2015

Twas the night before the release of Windows 10, and not a creature was stirring not even an infrared mouse! So I crept to my computer quietly and carefully and I began my venture into an early test of Windows 10!

gifts_christmas_pine_800_13574I didn’t really want to be the Grinch who stole Christmas (and that’s exactly the way I felt) when I sent out my emails, telling everyone not to upgrade to Windows 10. I also contacted many of you by phone alerting you to the dangers and risks of installing Windows 10, and again I felt like a Grinch, telling a child Christmas morning, not to open up his new present.

So here’s a recap of my little experiment. Let’s call this the Windows 10 experiment. I said to myself “what the heck I’ll just do the upgrade on my home PC, that way I won’t disrupt anything at work and if it’s successful, I can allow others to upgrade their own PCs!”, not depriving them of the joy of this new operating system.

I immediately jumped in and launched the upgrade process. The process was relatively quick and when I was finished, I was presented with a delightful new screen. The other new features of Windows 10 were beckoning me and indeed looked quite tantalizing.

However, I realized I had to get serious and start using it. The first thing I did was try to open Quicken and to my surprise I got an error message saying that the file was read only and that I would have to move it somewhere else in order to use Quicken. Well, I figured this must be some new security feature, so I moved the file and opened Quicken and everything seemed fine. Now to another program “Oh no!”, I exclaimed. This program wouldn’t open either and I was getting that same read only error message.

At this point, I decided to go online and do a little bit of research; to my surprise, I wasn’t the only one experiencing this problem. Many technical solutions popped up and not one of them could resolve the issue; so I found myself resorting to command line instructions (like in the days of DOS, not that I’m old enough to know anything about those days, LOL). The DOS commands resolved the problem about 80% of the time.

Sadly, my experiment was really starting to tarnish. I tried doing other things in Windows 10 and to my dismay, I could not. For example, I have my Quicken setup to download the latest transactions from the bank and when I went to the internet to do this, it kept telling me my password was no good! And, if I kept trying I would be locked out. So I researched this only to find out that the brand new Quicken 2015 that I had just installed would not work with Windows 10 and I would have to wait for the release of Quicken 2016.

OK! At this point, I was really frustrated and wanted to get back to using my home computer. Microsoft had stated that anyone who installed Windows 10 would have 30 days to undo the installation. Therefore, I followed all the instructions on reverting to Windows 7 (BTW – THE MOST AWESOME WINDOWS EVER!) and was presented with the following message “we’re sorry, you cannot revert back to Windows 7 because the files required to do so have been deleted”.

I love my customers dearly and I hope this little story explains to you exactly WHY I set out to alert you all! Unfortunately, I now have a brick for a computer. This is just one man’s story and the Internet is replete with more stories like mine. Ironically, most of the news seems to be touting the wonder of Windows 10 and I’m not sure if these are paid ads by Microsoft or just misinformed reporters.

It is quite possible that if you do not do an upgrade, but you do a fresh installation of Windows 10 or if you buy a computer that has Windows 10 already loaded the experience may be quite different. That will be my next experiment and I will keep you all posted!

How To Out Scam The Scammers!

June 4th, 2015

Thursday, June 4, 2015
Peekskill, NY
online_identity_theft_400_clr_15166We have seen many frauds lately and as usual, I want to help YOU from being a victim.

Know this, scammers know marketing too! They make every effort to make their scam or virus appeal to you. They are no different than a fast food chain that makes that melty cheese provocatively pull away from the pizza and you have to have it–NOW! So, here’s where we can help.

First, it is OK to be wary of any unexpected or weird emails that arrive, even if they are from well-known friends. The same holds true for potential “Pop-up”1 windows as you surf the web. Remember these scammers have no issue with replicating copyrighted material or logos.

For example, recently, a client of ours received a pop-up on their screen while web surfing. The pop-up “claimed” to be from Microsoft (they were not!) and “claimed” he had a multitude of viruses (he did not, until after they did their damage). Additionally they posted a telephone number for him to call to correct this process. Since it all looked so real, he called them and they immediately engaged him in a remote access session connecting them to his computer, They said he had a minor issue they could fix, but that his PC also needed a lot of cleaning up which they would gladly do for $350.00, “credit card please”. He declined their service and faster than he could hang up the phone they had injected his computer with a script that rendered all his programs inaccessible, Internet and email too!

Of course, when he called us we were able to reverse the damage–but that was a scary event.

The same sorts of things happen with email, so do your best to BE AWARE.

Remember Microsoft does not know you or your computer, simply because you are using their software. Neither Microsoft, UPS, USPS, FedEx, IRS etc. will email you; trust me—it’s not going to happen! Microsoft will only email if you have initiated a support ticket. The IRS does not even like email, they would rather snail mail 2. Unless you have a business account with major couriers, they have no way of knowing your email address.

Therefore, here are some key tips to help protect yourself:

1) Call Eagle Feather Enterprises, Inc. with any suspicions you may have at 914-788-9210
2) Go ahead be wary!
3) Call Eagle Feather Enterprises, Inc. with any worries you may have at 914-788-9210
4) Do not click on Pop-Ups; instead refer to tip 1, 3, or 5 Really! We will not bite!
5) Call Eagle Feather Enterprises, Inc. with any concerns you may have at 914-788-9210
6) Do not open attachments to email unless you can be sure they are safe, and again refer to tip 1, 3, or 5
7) Avail yourself of added security protection we offer for only $45.00 per year (supports up to 5 devices) – Call for more information on this.

Last but not least BE SAFE out there!
1 A window that suddenly appears (pops up) when you are surfing the internet
2 Snail Mail is mail delivered by the U.S. Postal Service, the old-fashioned way, directly to your mailbox

In The Headlines – Point-of-Sale Security

August 1st, 2014

So you are in the midst of your Summer Vacation or still planning it, right?  Well, perhaps, many of you heard recent headline’s like ours above, or perhaps not. Today there was more news about security breaches in *Point-of-Sale (POS) Processing devices. Here is just one of those recent articles in the news:

As many of you well remember TARGET® got hit pretty bad. Unfortunately our technology is more to blame. While other countries use much more sophisticated CreditCard transaction processors, the good ole U.S. is still using credit cards with basically a cassette tape band on the back of our credit cards containing all your personal credit card information, making it really easy to become compromised.

One of the problems I have noticed is that many of these POS systems are being run on Windows XP (a defunct, unsupported, and insecure) operating system. These are mainly used in Bars and restaurants.

What can you do?

1) I encourage you, if you have not already, to setup your online access to your Credit Cards and or Bank Debit Cards (online Banking). I know for some this seems daunting and unsafe, however, regardless of signing up or not these companies already have the portals setup so by you creating access to them you are not decreasing your security as the security already lies in the hands of the Credit Card companies and the Banks.

2) Always create a secure password for these accounts and you can still keep it simple such as converting AuntJane to AuntJ8ne!… (yes those are 3 periods) which can exponentially increase the security of your password. I know there are a lot of passwords to manage out there but a simple app such as “PasswordsPlus” (that’s a clickable link BTW) is a software program which requires 1 password to open it, then you can record and easily access all your passwords via your computer, smartphone, and tablet (it synchronizes across several devices automatically for you. Don’t be shy, if you need help setting it up, just a one time setup, GIVE US A CALL!

3) Now with the above 2 items set, after every Credit Card or Bank Debit Card use follow up regularly to review your charges in real-time to catch the breaches or suspicious charges.

4) If you receive an email or phone call from these institutions “Fraud” protection – Do not accept them as many of them are fraudulent (trust me they are going to craft every email to look authentic, and phone calls are scripted the same way, they may even have your name, don’t fall for it!) – Instead get the card, and dial the number on the back and reach out to their fraud department to see if there are any issues.

5) PLEASE feel free to ask your servers, at restaurants and bars, if their system for processing Credit Cards is a Windows XP system, they may or may not know, but if they do, and they say yes, let them know that as a customer of theirs you feel they should be looking out for you and protecting you and if they cannot find a quick way to secure their system you might have to chose and alternate restaurant to frequent (this of course after you’ve eaten 🙂

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us, about anything that seems unclear in this article and or any other tech question.

Please enjoy your summer and make it as stress free as possible.

*This is a good description for those of you wondering what Point-of-Sale (POS) really means courtesy of Wikipedia:

Patrick’s Top Ten Productivity *Apps

January 21st, 2014


Productivity is indeed a buzz word these days, however, it is my intent to really help you out with a great start to 2014. To that end I present my personal Top TEN List:

1) – Office 365 (free trial included in left link):

Microsoft Office 365 provides a current subscription to Microsoft Office, including all updates. This subscription keeps your data saved across up to 5 different computers (must be your own as it uses the primary account email login). It includes state-of-the-art corporate appearing email also easily incorporated into smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs. The ability to not only share but collaborate on documents. Additionally it is easily accessible via the web (yes, web based versions of Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.)

2) – Cubby:

This is a great and secure system of shared folders, or “boxes”, as some other products describe themselves. This one, Cubby, is distinguished by its reliable security that spans and syncs across all your computers and smartphones and also plugs in directly to other productivity Apps.

3) – Evernote:

Evernote allows you to organize your thoughts, projects, clip websites for later reading or cataloging, and also spans and syncs across all your devices. It also backs in to many other of their apps which you can learn more about here

4) – Time & Chaos:

Time and Chaos is the contact manager we use here at Eagle Feather and it is an amazing one at that. All the years I’ve been in business I have been unable to find one as simple and easy to use. Contacts, Calendar, ToDo, Projects and Tasks all in one place, can be interlinked (free 30 day unfettered trial via link). They also offer an affordable cloud based synchronization service which will allow you to sync the data across many/multiple devices.

5) – Passwords Plus:

Passwords Plus is a one place vault for all your passwords. It offers a secure means of synchronizing those same passwords across multiple devices including PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets. It will also help generate secure passwords and is affordable.

6) – Documents To Go:

Documents To Go: An easy way to create Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF’s, and view/ present on mobile devices. Documents To Go syncs with your PC’s and/or Macs including cloud based storage accounts.

7) – Boomerang for Outlook:

Boomerang is a clever little reminder service designed to alert you if an email, you expect a response from, does not respond in a timely manner thereby managing your productivity and keeping your personal workflow moving.

***TIP*** By-the-way, did you know you can delay the sending of Outlook messages? Have you ever sent an email and after hitting “Send” said “oh, darn that’s not what I meant to say” or “I could have been much clearer”. Well with this delay (I personally have mine set for 4 minutes) every time you send an email it will sit in the outbox for the preset amount of time you desire. You can then go back to the outbox, before the message has been sent, then either edit and/or delete it before it goes on its way!

8) – LogMeIn:

LogMeIn allows you to remotely access your work PC/MAC from home or on the road or vice versa, your home PC/MAC. You can take full control of your computer remotely with remote printing and file transfer options.

9) – E-Reader:

An E-Reader App, such as iBooks, Nook, etc. are all apps (you don’t need the actual devices) that allow you to read books, newspapers, etc. on the go. Imagine carting around a pile of books, articles, and newspapers everywhere you go? No, no, please, find yourself a good e-reader application and then it can be on your smartphone or portable tablet device. If you prefer listening to your books or news is also a great resource and app.

10) – Digital or online Dictionary:

We all need to look up words and their meanings from time to time and there are quite a few resources out there such as (which also has great apps for smartphones and tablets) or (also has great apps for smartphones and tablets).

Please feel free to reach out to me if you need any assistance procuring, installing or implementing any of these timesavers.

*Apps do not only refer to smartphones and tablets. App/Apps have become the abbreviated way of saying Application/Applications. Microsoft Word is considered an App, QuickBooks, etc.

Apple’s New iOS 6 Review

October 5th, 2012


Peekskill October 5, 2012

Remembering Steve and Reviewing Apple’s new iOS 6.0

It is hard to believe that today marks one year since the passing of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple. So much can be said, has been said, and will be said about how great he was, how awful he was, and how inventive he was so I really don’t need to re-hash any of that here. My thoughts are on the fact that he was a person, albeit with quirks, that made an attempt to improve the world around him. To me, there is no doubt that this he did, and well. Did he make a profit in the process? You betcha! But he also gave back.

Steve tried hard to make technology something a user uses with ease and simple design and not only did he accomplish that but he set the bar high for other technologies to aspire to. I am grateful for all the inspirational technology he provided us and continues to inspire as it is his aesthetics and utilitarian tenets that will hopefully propel Apple forward for many years to come.

Ironically and not purposefully I chose this day to help educate my readers on the new iOS 6.0, which is pre-installed on the new iPhone 5 and available as an update to older iPhones/iPodTs/iPads. This new update, for many of Apple’s “i” devices, is now settling in and I could not be happier.

There are a vast array of improvements and updates as well as replacements and it is my intent to clear the air about many of them. Additionally I want to provide you with some tips on having a smooth update process. So here goes my list of favorite features:

1) OK, a HUGE favorite of mine (little known or discussed)is that they doubled the emoji’s or emoticons with the new iOS. If you are unaware of this feature, it is an additional keyboard you can install (no need to purchase any program from App store, they simply are NOT an app but more of a scam to install an already existing feature). The only downside is that these emoji’s are only seen in texts and emails sent between i device users.

2) Maps – Yes, lots of controversy, but once the dust settles this replacement is really incredible (you will lose the Google maps there before the update, so if this is important to you, DO NOT UPDATE).

Recently I was looking up an address in NYC and with the 3 dimensional zoom in feature of the Maps I was actually able to see the front door of the building in sharp detail. The MAps are still a work in progress, for Apple, but a well worth it.

Please note this does not have to be a deal breaker, if you use Google Maps you can still get them via Safari, the built in web browser.

3) The iPad now gets a clock! Not only that, but the clock feature has been enhanced to allow you to pick the alarm to only occur on certain or specific days of the week and you can now pick any song in your music library to ring that alarm.

4) Email now has two new features 1) VIP, which means you can select your VIP contacts and then when you go to the VIP mailbox it will show only those emails and 2) Flagged, which displays all the emails you have flagged ONLY.

An additional new feature in email too is that you can now insert photos on the fly by holding your finger down for a second at the point you want to insert the photo and then selecting the photo from your saved photographs.

5) Do Not Disturb – This feature allows you to set your device (this is most appreciated with the phone) to a selective off position, meaning it will send all calls to voicemail and mute texts except those contacts you put in a favorite list, which will ring right through. You set the timeframe and it can automatically go into Do Not Disturb mode daily or you can turn it on manually as needed.

You can even have it reject calls but accept those that come in back to back from the same number (the 2nd call from the same number in succession will ring through as usually people trying to reach you urgently might attempt calling you numerous times). Really cool!

6) For those of you lucky enough to have Siri, Siri has now been expanded, more language support and allows you to open apps like “Open DropBox”.

7) Camera now takes panoramic photos.

8) For FaceBook fans, it is now integrated and you’ll always be able to track the goings on there from your device.

9) Incoming calls can now be rejected more gently with a preset message back to the caller.

10) Improved App updating

11) Exceedingly faster web browsing. I am still surprised at how fast web pages load now and don’t know how they did it but I love it.

So overall I am thrilled with all the new features (I’ve really only highlighted my favorites above – not enough space to detail all the features). Initially there were glitches, but those were related to such an enthusiastic surge of users, which has all settled down now, this is one of the main reasons I encouraged folks to not update immediately.

Please note, we offer iPhone Boot Camp classes – which are meant for you to learn about things on your iPhone. Things you didn’t know were there making it an even meaner and leaner office and leisure tool. Our Boot Camp classes are designed to let you follow along with your iPhone while we have a huge one on screen for all to see. Call the office to register for the next class.

Now here are my tips for actually running the update.

Updating steps:

1) Make sure you set aside several hours for this to complete (in other words not rushing around, perhaps an evening or weekend project).

2) Make sure you have a current backup of your device (cloud or itunes).

3) Make sure the device is powered (plugged in to a charger) and then you can go to the “Settings”, “General” and then “Software Update” – Now simply follow the update process.

*NOTE – If on the Software update page it does not offer an update then either your device is ineligible for the update or you already updated it inadvertently. You may see “iOS 6.0 – Your software is up to date.” Meaning you have the most current one we just reviewed or it may say “iOS 5.x (or earlier) – Your software is up to date.” And this would indicate your device is ineligible for the latest iOS.

4) Now if you are successfully updated to iOS 6 you will want to head over to the App store (using your device) and download the free Apple adjunct apps initially offered when you go there.

Enjoy, participate and share! That is enjoy these lovely devices with all their new features. Participate in feedback, if you are dissappointed with a feature contact Apple (they really like this!), also if the Maps have the wrong address it is user feedback that improves it, so simply tap on the little blue arrow pointing to the right and a box pops up and at the lower right there is an option to “Report a Problem” so report away. Share your photos, your joy, your location.

We love helping and training here at EFE so anyone wanting to book time just call the office to schedule and we’ll help you find features, update your device and any other transistional or essential function or app assistance.

Extending Battery Life

June 29th, 2010

There are many Apps available for assisting and managing batter life on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The fact of the matter is that these devices do a lot in the course of a day so couple that with the fact that very little in the way of battery technology has evolved ( without increasing the size and weight of these devices exponentially) so the result is a short battery life. There are things we can do to eke out a bit more use time.

My favorite App for managing the battery is Battery Dr. Pro (this link will open iTunes iStore to the product page where you can download the app from there).

The key thing to know about extending the battery life on the iPhone is first and foremost USING the battery; it’s OK to let it run down. That said you also want to make sure you have enough sources for charging. You need several cables, a wall adapter, a car adapter (all of these can be USB based) and you can always plug your iPhone into any PC’s USB port to get an extra charge (just DON’T allow it to incorporate itself into another person’s iTunes except for the one on your own computer!)

Additionally turning off unnecessary service is always good too. You can turn off WiFi if you just want to listen to the iPod, play games or read books from the pre-installed apps. If you have no Bluetooth devices make sure Bluetooth is turned off. Setting it to Airplane mode can really extend the battery, it also turns off the phone and Wi-Fi automatically so be prepared for some well-deserved quiet time.

Please let me know if you have further questions or interests. Enjoy!

Virus Season 2012, both Human and Computer – What to do?

October 14th, 2009

Virus season is upon us and apparently, in addition to the Flu, strepp and other virus, we need to be looking out for even more pervasive computer viruses as well. Not to worry, read on and together we can all make this a safer computing experience.

Viruses are constantly evolving and, at the same time, becoming extremely crafty at finding ways to get into your computer. They have to be more cunning in order for more alert computer users to get tricked. One of the most recent crazes are a collection of viruses that include the words “Track your package”, “Refund”, “Anti-Virus” or “Network Tools”, ironically, tricking you into thinking that 1) A shipper might be having trouble with a shipment to you 2) A bogus refund is due you, they don’t communicate this by email, 3) Your computer is infected with tons of viruses and 4) By the mere name of the software, that they are called by, you might be lulled into a false sense of security, and trust them.

Many of the virus links are bogus so do not trust them! They are a virus or an attempt to steal your identity! In many cases they will even do harm to your computer. They also attempt to trick you by claiming that for a fee they will install themselves permanently onto your computer and rid you of all your virus woes. Do not fall for this scam, all they do, when you pay them (into their offshore account where they cannot be traced or prosecuted for their unlawful practices) is send you something that disables their program until the payment time period expires and then the scary pop-ups begin anew.


As best as I can tell many of these viruses are taking advantage of a little known issue that may occur while you are working on your computer. Have you ever tried multi-tasking on your computer and suddenly been surprised that instead of the typing you are doing in a document it is actually typing on a web address, or renaming an icon, perhaps? What happens, oftentimes, is this; let’s say you are web browsing, and have your browser minimized, you are now typing a document and watching more on the document than the screen, suddenly something pops up, which very well may be this virus, however you are not looking at the screen and something else happens and perhaps you just “accidentally”
installed the virus by inadvertently typing or clicking on the box popping up from the virus. To avoid this from happening try noticing your screen a little more often. Ironically, just as distracted driving can have unforeseen consequences so too can distracted computing.

Additionally, if you ever see something pop up on your screen rather than actually click on it (sometimes the entire box is not what it seems) right click on the corresponding box in your *taskbar and select the “Close” option.

A quick word about antivirus software, many times, after a virus infection, I am asked “Why didn’t my antivirus catch that? Antivirus software is a detection based software, they are only capable of detecting viruses that they know about. There are millions, perhaps even billions of virus threats out there which antivirus software is prepared to catch and eradicate, however, new viruses emerge at an inordinate rate and a virus that was created and launched this afternoon most likely is not yet in your antivirus’ capability of detecting and eliminating.

A combination of consistently updated antivirus software along with common “Alert” computing practices can really go a long way in minimizing your exposure to these threats. Closing pop-ups from the taskbar and not clicking on links you are unsure of in emails and instant messages can really help prevent infections not only from getting in to your system but spreading to others as well.

When in doubt, call us, here at Eagle Feather Enterprises. Oftentimes the sooner we get involved the less time and less costly the fix can be.

* The task bar, in Microsoft Windows, is the bar that spans the bottom of the screen and contains the “Start” button on the left side and the little active programs icons on the right. The task bar also includes the current time on the far right side and can hold “Quick Launch”, meaning single clicks to activate, shortcuts to programs directly to the right of the Start button.

Digital Scrying

August 31st, 2009

What is Digital Scrying, you might ask? Well, as technical support folks often we are asked what we think of upcoming technology, that is technology that has yet to be released, for example a new cell phone touted to be released within the next 3 to 6 months. I love this question as it truly is speculation. If you went to the developers and interviewed the programmers and engineers they most certainly would tell you it isn’t even ready to be released. When you get to the marketing department, not only are they telling you that you should pre-order their latest piece of monolithic technology they express curiosity as to why you are still standing there and not running to your computer to pre-order.

If I were to venture an opinion on future products not yet released this would be tantamount to Digital Scrying a practice I try my best to avoid. First of all, regardless of how much beta testing has been done, and no matter how many electronic shows it has received standing ovations at, the product is truly still in a theoretical stage. Beta testers pale in comparison to the real world use of new software or products (gadgets). Once the product is actually launched you can then begin to form opinions based on real-time reviews and other users the world over.

I strongly discourage people, when they ask me about the latest and greatest products to be, from running out and standing in line to get them. These days time is in short demand spend your time productively, using time tested products, there will always be someone else daring enough to try a new product and suffer its shortcomings or enjoy its fantastic-ness. Regardless of any of the digital scrying, which abounds, I have yet to see a new technological product released without initial glitches breaking the hearts of the early adopters.

Call me once the product is out and amongst the general public, then I’ll give you a great review, well educated evaluation, and then you can decide. Speculation, or digital scrying, is just that and gets us all in trouble at some point.