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DeskNow Mail and Collaboration Server


Email has become one of the most consistent and primary means of communication and document delivery to date. Most people’s email saved on their computers, if lost, would be disastrous. Many of today’s email programs have very finite limitations on how much email they can store. When you get close to those limits, those email programs slow down and in some cases can even corrupt all of the email, resulting in a disastrous email and related attachments loss.


What would you do if you lost all your email and attachments?


In many cases most people’s email is stored on their computers. If anything happened to that computer, hardware failure or virus infection, there is a huge potential for email and related attachments to be lost completely forever.


DeskNowFor years, large corporations have maintained entire teams dedicated to the preservation, archive, and management of their in-house email. Now, Eagle Feather Enterprises, is proud to offer an amazingly low cost email solution called DeskNow™. DeskNow™ offers great access to email with no capacity restrictions. It safely incorporates email archiving, allowing access to a large range of older emails. In addition to its feature rich email, including integration with Outlook® (via a plug-in), it also offers:

  • Webmail
  • Encryption
  • Mail filters
  • Message board
  • Automatic backup
  • Antivirus protection & Anti SPAM protection
  • Synchronization with Outlook® contacts, calendar and email
  • DeskNow integrates with many PDA’s (Palm Pilot, Blackberry, Smartphone’s, etc.) to mention just a few of many features.


... DeskNow™ automatically backs up all your email and attachments


As many of our customers know, we here at Eagle Feather Enterprises rarely recommend anything we do not have or use. The same is true of this great product DeskNow™. It has truly enriched our day-to-day operation, facilitating and easing our daily email tasks.


Now comes the best part. For a fraction of the price of major email servers, Eagle Feather Enterprises, as a direct reseller of DeskNow products, can configure and set up your very own DeskNow™ server. You will have the same capabilities to compete with the corporate “big boysZ” without the need to dedicate valuable resources to do so. Call us for a quote so we can get your email server up and running safely and securely right away.





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