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Well, it all started many, many years ago. My dearest Mother-in-Law (who truly was a mother to me, I say was, as she left this world way too early for my liking) strongly encouraged me to go into business on my own. She constantly said there was a market for my expertise.

Due largely in part to her and my Father-in-Law (a true Father to me as well) I decided at long last to start a company. My Father in-Law had created a very successful business entitled “EFE”, and everyone had always chided him that it really meant “Everything For Evelyn” (my dear Mother-in-Law’s name).

So that was set for me, taking on the “Everything-for-Evelyn” Initials “EFE” I worked back to name the company. Using EFE, in memory of my dear Mother-in-Law and in honor of my dear Father-in-Law I laid the foundation for the name. As I am part Native American, and quite fond of this fact, I drew on the strong image of the Eagle Feather. I found too, that my own life experiences are quite intertwined with the meaning of the Eagle Feather. I also did not want a computer firm with so much technology in the name and so it was born:

Eagle Feather Enterprises, Inc.

Our Tagline “We Make IT Work For You” is where the definition of our company comes to life. When we say “We Make IT Work For You” we are explaining our philosophy that computers and automation should be made to simply WORK, right out of the box and fit your business style. Today’s modern technologies must work with you rather than forcing your business to conform to an awkward and perhaps clunky automation solution. We actually “Design” in a technical sense the automation environment that fits you best and makes your business as productive as possible.

The logo was the result of a logo submission request on “E-Lance”. I delivered my concept and received numerous submissions. The whimsical, yet to-the-point abstract result of my quest was most well defined by Mr. James Wangness, a teacher and graphic artist from California. He presented a refreshing rendering of my concept and it stuck. Subsequent to his design it has been ever so slightly modified throughout the years.

The logo is an artistic interpretation of an Eagle Feather lightly merging into a computer circuitry board in the background. The Logo has been rendered in Grayscale, Black and White, and (my favorite) Color. All the flavors are shown below: