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Apple’s New iOS 6 Review

by Patrick Rardin in iPhone, Technology

Peekskill October 5, 2012

Remembering Steve and Reviewing Apple’s new iOS 6.0

It is hard to believe that today marks one year since the passing of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple. So much can be said, has been said, and will be said about how great he was, how awful he was, and how inventive he was so I really don’t need to re-hash any of that here. My thoughts are on the fact that he was a person, albeit with quirks, that made an attempt to improve the world around him. To me, there is no doubt that this he did, and well. Did he make a profit in the process? You betcha! But he also gave back.

Steve tried hard to make technology something a user uses with ease and simple design and not only did he accomplish that but he set the bar high for other technologies to aspire to. I am grateful for all the inspirational technology he provided us and continues to inspire as it is his aesthetics and utilitarian tenets that will hopefully propel Apple forward for many years to come.

Ironically and not purposefully I chose this day to help educate my readers on the new iOS 6.0, which is pre-installed on the new iPhone 5 and available as an update to older iPhones/iPodTs/iPads. This new update, for many of Apple’s “i” devices, is now settling in and I could not be happier.

There are a vast array of improvements and updates as well as replacements and it is my intent to clear the air about many of them. Additionally I want to provide you with some tips on having a smooth update process. So here goes my list of favorite features:

1) OK, a HUGE favorite of mine (little known or discussed)is that they doubled the emoji’s or emoticons with the new iOS. If you are unaware of this feature, it is an additional keyboard you can install (no need to purchase any program from App store, they simply are NOT an app but more of a scam to install an already existing feature). The only downside is that these emoji’s are only seen in texts and emails sent between i device users.

2) Maps – Yes, lots of controversy, but once the dust settles this replacement is really incredible (you will lose the Google maps there before the update, so if this is important to you, DO NOT UPDATE).

Recently I was looking up an address in NYC and with the 3 dimensional zoom in feature of the Maps I was actually able to see the front door of the building in sharp detail. The MAps are still a work in progress, for Apple, but a well worth it.

Please note this does not have to be a deal breaker, if you use Google Maps you can still get them via Safari, the built in web browser.

3) The iPad now gets a clock! Not only that, but the clock feature has been enhanced to allow you to pick the alarm to only occur on certain or specific days of the week and you can now pick any song in your music library to ring that alarm.

4) Email now has two new features 1) VIP, which means you can select your VIP contacts and then when you go to the VIP mailbox it will show only those emails and 2) Flagged, which displays all the emails you have flagged ONLY.

An additional new feature in email too is that you can now insert photos on the fly by holding your finger down for a second at the point you want to insert the photo and then selecting the photo from your saved photographs.

5) Do Not Disturb – This feature allows you to set your device (this is most appreciated with the phone) to a selective off position, meaning it will send all calls to voicemail and mute texts except those contacts you put in a favorite list, which will ring right through. You set the timeframe and it can automatically go into Do Not Disturb mode daily or you can turn it on manually as needed.

You can even have it reject calls but accept those that come in back to back from the same number (the 2nd call from the same number in succession will ring through as usually people trying to reach you urgently might attempt calling you numerous times). Really cool!

6) For those of you lucky enough to have Siri, Siri has now been expanded, more language support and allows you to open apps like “Open DropBox”.

7) Camera now takes panoramic photos.

8) For FaceBook fans, it is now integrated and you’ll always be able to track the goings on there from your device.

9) Incoming calls can now be rejected more gently with a preset message back to the caller.

10) Improved App updating

11) Exceedingly faster web browsing. I am still surprised at how fast web pages load now and don’t know how they did it but I love it.

So overall I am thrilled with all the new features (I’ve really only highlighted my favorites above – not enough space to detail all the features). Initially there were glitches, but those were related to such an enthusiastic surge of users, which has all settled down now, this is one of the main reasons I encouraged folks to not update immediately.

Please note, we offer iPhone Boot Camp classes – which are meant for you to learn about things on your iPhone. Things you didn’t know were there making it an even meaner and leaner office and leisure tool. Our Boot Camp classes are designed to let you follow along with your iPhone while we have a huge one on screen for all to see. Call the office to register for the next class.

Now here are my tips for actually running the update.

Updating steps:

1) Make sure you set aside several hours for this to complete (in other words not rushing around, perhaps an evening or weekend project).

2) Make sure you have a current backup of your device (cloud or itunes).

3) Make sure the device is powered (plugged in to a charger) and then you can go to the “Settings”, “General” and then “Software Update” – Now simply follow the update process.

*NOTE – If on the Software update page it does not offer an update then either your device is ineligible for the update or you already updated it inadvertently. You may see “iOS 6.0 – Your software is up to date.” Meaning you have the most current one we just reviewed or it may say “iOS 5.x (or earlier) – Your software is up to date.” And this would indicate your device is ineligible for the latest iOS.

4) Now if you are successfully updated to iOS 6 you will want to head over to the App store (using your device) and download the free Apple adjunct apps initially offered when you go there.

Enjoy, participate and share! That is enjoy these lovely devices with all their new features. Participate in feedback, if you are dissappointed with a feature contact Apple (they really like this!), also if the Maps have the wrong address it is user feedback that improves it, so simply tap on the little blue arrow pointing to the right and a box pops up and at the lower right there is an option to “Report a Problem” so report away. Share your photos, your joy, your location.

We love helping and training here at EFE so anyone wanting to book time just call the office to schedule and we’ll help you find features, update your device and any other transistional or essential function or app assistance.

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