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New Email Tricks/Scams/Viruses

by Patrick Rardin in Technology

New and even trickier email scam seems are proliferating these days! These scammers are getting much better in designing and crafting their email “traps” so please be cautious and alert. Regardless of the time of year the increase in these types of deceptions re-surge continuously. As always keep alert for so-called package tracking tricks allegedly from shippers’ with an attachment or otherwise. Banking, Email Sites, Billers claiming password expired and need you to change it via a link in the message! Real websites will never email you that your passwords are expiring and to change them now.

The latest round carries a note which includes your legitimate web address or email address, making it seem really authentic. Here are some samples of the types of wording you might see:

1): A Package For You

2): Tracking information on your gift

3): Official looking Microsoft Email telling you there are issues with your email account

4): Official looking emails from any vendor claiming they need to either update your password or need more personal information; these are identity theft scams so PLEASE BEWARE!

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Identity Theft

by Patrick Rardin in News, Technology

There are a lot of questions surrounding this “Hot” topic of the day and it is a topic of serious concern. I am often asked “Is this a serious threat?” to which I always answer with a resounding YES!

First of all what exactly is Identity Theft? The clearest definitions circulating are quite simply; Identity Theft is an illegal use of third parties personal information (ex. Social Security Number) to obtain financial gain.

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Choosing a Backup Solution and Storage Device

by Patrick Rardin in News, Technology

Tape drives were the leading technology used by organizations for backup and archiving. However, the slow speed and low capacity of tape drives on the market make alternative choices a no brainer. How do you select a backup solution that satisfies your needs without blowing the budget? The following are just some of the main factors to consider.

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Email Etiquette

by Patrick Rardin in News, Technology

Think of e-mail as a permanent record, just like a paper memo. Remember that it is also not private. Despite their perceived disposability, e-mail messages should be kept official and professional:

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How To Out Scam The Scammers!

by Patrick Rardin in PC’s, Technology

Thursday, June 4, 2015
Peekskill, NY
We have seen many frauds lately and as usual, I want to help YOU from being a victim.

Know this, scammers know marketing too! They make every effort to make their scam or virus appeal to you. They are no different than a fast food chain that makes that melty cheese provocatively pull away from the pizza and you have to have it–NOW! So, here’s where we can help.

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In The Headlines – Point-of-Sale Security

by Patrick Rardin in Mac’s, PC’s, Technology

So you are in the midst of your Summer Vacation or still planning it, right?  Well, perhaps, many of you heard recent headline’s like ours above, or perhaps not. Today there was more news about security breaches in *Point-of-Sale (POS) Processing devices. Here is just one of those recent articles in the news: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2455780/aloha-pointofsale-terminal-sold-on-ebay-yields-security-surprises.html

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Patrick’s Top Ten Productivity *Apps

by Patrick Rardin in iPhone, Mac’s, PC’s, Technology

Productivity is indeed a buzzword these days, however, it is my intent to really help you out with a great start to 2014. To that end, I present my personal Top TEN List:

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Apple’s New iOS 6 Review

by Patrick Rardin in iPhone, Technology

Peekskill October 5, 2012

Remembering Steve and Reviewing Apple’s new iOS 6.0

It is hard to believe that today marks one year since the passing of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple. So much can be said, has been said, and will be said about how great he was, how awful he was, and how inventive he was so I really don’t need to re-hash any of that here. My thoughts are on the fact that he was a person, albeit with quirks, that made an attempt to improve the world around him. To me, there is no doubt that this he did, and well. Did he make a profit in the process? You betcha! But he also gave back.

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Extending Battery Life

by Patrick Rardin in iPhone

There are many Apps available for assisting and managing batter life on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The fact of the matter is that these devices do a lot in the course of a day so couple that with the fact that very little in the way of battery technology has evolved ( without increasing the size and weight of these devices exponentially) so the result is a short battery life. There are things we can do to eke out a bit more use time.

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Virus Season 2018, both Human and Computer – What to do?

by Patrick Rardin in Technology

Virus season is upon us and apparently, in addition to the Flu, strepp and other virus, we need to be looking out for even more pervasive computer viruses as well. Not to worry, read on and together we can all make this a safer computing experience.

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