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The Risks of Free

by Patrick Rardin in News, Technology


“FREE Digital Camera, FREE IPod, FREE Screensavers, FREE Games….. Is there a theme here? Yes, and it’s called The Risks of “FREE”. Oh , I must say I still get a little excited at the prospect of something for free. When I was a child growing up free meant just that something given without additional charge or strings attached. Of course I’m probably dating myself but when you went to the gas station and they offered a free glass with fill-up, you actually got the free glass. Based on the new Internet definition of “FREE” that same gas station experience would be something like this – You would fill your tank and in order to get the free glass you would have to fill out a 10 page form, agree to let them send you tons of mail and then your car would start stalling out the moment you drove away from the gas station, the glass would probably break into a thousand pieces within seconds as well.

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