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The truth of the matter is that you always get what you pay for. This seems to be a rule of life, something we have learned, sometimes the hard way and sometimes we have had the opportunity to teach to others in a positive way.

Let us tell you a couple of stories to illustrate exactly what we mean.

First Story:
Several years ago we arrived at a potential new client’s office. The client had a small office suffering from technology that went down several times each day. They lost so much time whenever the server went down and it was especially frustrating when they were in the middle of a job. The customer had hired an IT support service that charged a fraction of what Eagle Feather Enterprises was charging at the time. That same IT support service toiled daily, billing daily, for over a year, attempting to resolve the constant crashes.

The client finally contacted Eagle Feather Enterprises. We arrived on the scene and within 15 minutes diagnosed the problem for which an upgraded part was required. We ordered the part, and when it arrived, installed it in 15 minutes. The client’s server never crashed from that day forward, and they have been our customer ever since.

Although we may charge more per hour than another IT support service, just do the math. One-half hour of our time vs. a year’s worth of another, perhaps cheaper, firm’s time?

Second Story:
A customer had hired tech at lower rate than ours to repair his faltering and failing notebook computer. The tech labored for days attempting to resolve the problem and ultimately the problem persisted.

The customer then called in Eagle Feather Enterprises. We came in and resolved the issue, a minor software setting, within 15 minutes. Again, at our higher rate and yet at a much lower cost.

Cost vs. Value – Great concept in this tough economy. Call Eagle Feather Enterprises to get valuable technical support.