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How To Out Scam The Scammers!

by Patrick Rardin in PC’s, Technology

Thursday, June 4, 2015
Peekskill, NY
We have seen many frauds lately and as usual, I want to help YOU from being a victim.

Know this, scammers know marketing too! They make every effort to make their scam or virus appeal to you. They are no different than a fast food chain that makes that melty cheese provocatively pull away from the pizza and you have to have it–NOW! So, here’s where we can help.

First, it is OK to be wary of any unexpected or weird emails that arrive, even if they are from well-known friends. The same holds true for potential “Pop-up”1 windows as you surf the web. Remember these scammers have no issue with replicating copyrighted material or logos.

For example, recently, a client of ours received a pop-up on their screen while web surfing. The pop-up “claimed” to be from Microsoft (they were not!) and “claimed” he had a multitude of viruses (he did not, until after they did their damage). Additionally they posted a telephone number for him to call to correct this process. Since it all looked so real, he called them and they immediately engaged him in a remote access session connecting them to his computer, They said he had a minor issue they could fix, but that his PC also needed a lot of cleaning up which they would gladly do for $350.00, “credit card please”. He declined their service and faster than he could hang up the phone they had injected his computer with a script that rendered all his programs inaccessible, Internet and email too!

Of course, when he called us we were able to reverse the damage–but that was a scary event.

The same sorts of things happen with email, so do your best to BE AWARE.

Remember Microsoft does not know you or your computer, simply because you are using their software. Neither Microsoft, UPS, USPS, FedEx, IRS etc. will email you; trust me—it’s not going to happen! Microsoft will only email if you have initiated a support ticket. The IRS does not even like email, they would rather snail mail 2. Unless you have a business account with major couriers, they have no way of knowing your email address.

Therefore, here are some key tips to help protect yourself:

1) Call Eagle Feather Enterprises, Inc. with any suspicions you may have at 914-788-9210
2) Go ahead be wary!
3) Call Eagle Feather Enterprises, Inc. with any worries you may have at 914-788-9210
4) Do not click on Pop-Ups; instead refer to tip 1, 3, or 5 Really! We will not bite!
5) Call Eagle Feather Enterprises, Inc. with any concerns you may have at 914-788-9210
6) Do not open attachments to email unless you can be sure they are safe, and again refer to tip 1, 3, or 5
7) Avail yourself of added security protection we offer for only $45.00 per year (supports up to 5 devices) – Call for more information on this.

Last but not least BE SAFE out there!
1 A window that suddenly appears (pops up) when you are surfing the internet
2 Snail Mail is mail delivered by the U.S. Postal Service, the old-fashioned way, directly to your mailbox

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