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IOS 9, a true TGIF Gift!

by Patrick Rardin in iPhone, Mac’s, Technology

September 18, 2015


Greetings my dear friends!

I was up at 5 AM yesterday upgrading a variety of Apple IOS devices (different age, models and sizes) to test for this review. When I say devices I am focusing on the main iPhones and iPads.

After extensive use, I saw only improvements, pleasant surprise, and I think these are improvements you will all enjoy! PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SEE MY UPGRADE NOTES BELOW PRIOR TO UPGRADING!

Here are a few of the improvements:

  • Awesome Apple WiFi problems fix (new setting to assist)
  • Siri major enhancement
  • Apple Pay (which is a really easy and so secure way of paying) totally upgraded
  • NEWS App, for free, added a really convenient way for you to have your own custom newspaper.
  • Multitasking on the iPad, meaning you can have two Apps running side by side
  • Apple Maps upgraded and includes public Transportation again!
  • For you Emoji Fans, a lot more, a lot!
  • New Keyboard, less prone to typos

Some great articles too:




Please note, not all these features are available on all devices. The one MAJOR feature, extended battery life of up to an hour, however, IMPORTANT those of you considering upgrading to the 6s, will actually encounter a reduction in battery life. My recommendation if you are going to upgrade your phone is to steer clear of the 6s until its been out for a while longer. The 6’s of course comes down in price once the new 6s’s are released.

Before upgrading, as always make sure your device has a recent iCloud backup. MOST IMPORTANT, make sure it is plugged in before doing and throughout the upgrade process. The upgrade can be found under “Settings”, “General” and Software. This does need to be a monitored process, so PLEASE do not hit upgrade and install and walk away. Give yourself an hour or so for this process. When completed make sure to enable “LOCATION SERVICES”.

If you want help with this or prefer one of our technical staff do this for you, after all, that’s what we are here for, please feel free to call at 914-788-9210 or email patrick [at] eaglefeather [dot] net



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