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New Email Tricks/Scams/Viruses

by Patrick Rardin in Technology

New and even trickier email scam seems are proliferating these days! These scammers are getting much better in designing and crafting their email “traps” so please be cautious and alert. Regardless of the time of year the increase in these types of deceptions re-surge continuously. As always keep alert for so-called package tracking tricks allegedly from shippers’ with an attachment or otherwise. Banking, Email Sites, Billers claiming password expired and need you to change it via a link in the message! Real websites will never email you that your passwords are expiring and to change them now.

The latest round carries a note which includes your legitimate web address or email address, making it seem really authentic. Here are some samples of the types of wording you might see:

1): A Package For You

2): Tracking information on your gift

3): Official looking Microsoft Email telling you there are issues with your email account

4): Official looking emails from any vendor claiming they need to either update your password or need more personal information; these are identity theft scams so PLEASE BEWARE!

You may receive either of these types of messages or something with slightly different wording. PLEASE DO NOT click on the links in these messages. DELETE the message immediately. If you have any question regarding the nature of these emails PLEASE contact us here at Eagle Feather Enterprises.

It is important to note that neither Eagle Feather Enterprises, nor any of your web design associates, web hosting providers, or email hosting providers would send out an email like this with active links in them without notifying you in advance of such or any change that would require interaction.

This is how they trick you and get either viruses in your computer or an increase in SPAM in your email. Always be cautious and remember, when in doubt call us, Eagle Feather Enterprises, your trusted computer technology and security advisors.

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