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Patrick’s Top Ten Productivity *Apps

by Patrick Rardin in iPhone, Mac’s, PC’s, Technology

Productivity is indeed a buzzword these days, however, it is my intent to really help you out with a great start to 2014. To that end, I present my personal Top TEN List:

1) – Office 365 (free trial included in left link):

Microsoft Office 365 provides a current subscription to Microsoft Office, including all updates. This subscription keeps your data saved across up to 5 different computers (must be your own as it uses the primary account email login). It includes state-of-the-art corporate appearing email also easily incorporated into smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs. The ability to not only share but collaborate on documents. Additionally, it is easily accessible via the web (yes, web-based versions of Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.)

2) – Dropbox Business:

This is a great and secure system of shared folders, or “boxes”, as some other products describe themselves. This one, Cubby, is distinguished by its reliable security that spans and syncs across all your computers and smartphones and also plugs in directly to other productivity Apps.

3) – Microsoft OneNote:

Microsoft OneNote allows you to organize your thoughts, projects, clip websites for later reading or cataloging, and also spans and syncs across all your devices. It also backs in to many other of their apps which you can learn more about here http://www.onenote.com/download

4) – Time & Chaos:

Time & Chaos is the contact manager we use here at Eagle Feather and it is an amazing one at that. All the years I’ve been in business I have been unable to find one as simple and easy to use. Contacts, Calendar, ToDo, Projects and Tasks all in one place, can be interlinked (free 30 day unfettered trial via link). They also offer an affordable cloud-based synchronization service which will allow you to sync the data across many/multiple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Android, etc..

5) – Passwords Plus:

Passwords Plus is a one place vault for all your passwords. It offers a secure means of synchronizing those same passwords across multiple devices including PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets. It will also help generate secure passwords and is affordable.

6) – Documents To Go:


Documents To Go: An easy way to create Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF’s, and view/ present on mobile devices. Documents To Go syncs with your PC’s and/or Macs including cloud-based storage accounts.

7) – Send Personally for Outlook

Send Personally for Outlook makes it real easy to send to multiple recipients without using a bulk emailing service and without disclosing all the recipients email addresses at the same time.

***TIP*** By-the-way, did you know you can delay the sending of Outlook messages? Have you ever sent an email and after hitting “Send” said “oh, darn that’s not what I meant to say” or “I could have been much clearer”. Well with this delay (I personally have mine set for 4 minutes) every time you send an email it will sit in the outbox for the preset amount of time you desire. You can then go back to the outbox, before the message has been sent, then either edit and/or delete it before it goes on its way!

8) – LogMeIn:

LogMeIn allows you to remotely access your work PC/MAC from home or on the road or vice versa, your home PC/MAC. You can take full control of your computer remotely with remote printing and file transfer options.

9) – E-Reader:

An E-Reader App, such as iBooks, Kindle, Adobe Reader, etc. are all apps (you don’t need the actual devices) that allow you to read books, newspapers, etc. on the go. Imagine carting around a pile of books, articles, and newspapers everywhere you go? No, no, please, find yourself a good e-reader application and then it can be on your smartphone or portable tablet device. If you prefer listening to your books or news http://www.Audible.com is also a great resource and app.

10) – Digital or online Dictionary:

We all need to look up words and their meanings from time to time and there are quite a few resources out there such as http://dictionary.com/ (which also has great apps for smartphones and tablets) or http://www.merriam-webster.com/ (also has great apps for smartphones and tablets).

Please feel free to reach out to me if you need any assistance procuring, installing or implementing any of these timesavers.


*Apps do not only refer to smartphones and tablets. App/Apps have become the abbreviated way of saying Application/Applications. Microsoft Word is considered an App, QuickBooks, etc.

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