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Small to medium sized business is just a term. We know you are the real titans behind business.

Let us help you grow with budget-sized solutions that make your office work like the super-sized businesses you compete with. Give us a chance to show you what makes technology FRESH!


How does Concierge relate to technology you might ask? Well imagine the Concierge at a Hotel and how they know everything about the area, entertainment, restaurants, dry cleaners, etc. So, if you apply this to technology we can address any needs or concerns regarding technology. If a computer is involved, then we can help. Computer Systems, Networks, Surveillance Systems, Data Storage, Smartphones, and Tablets. The list really goes on and on and with over 30 years experience in technology, we really can advise on any aspect of technology just like a Concierge and since it is a one-on-one experience we can truly address your individual needs as there is no “one size fits all” in technology.

Size absolutely does not matter to us. We find our customers in all shapes and sizes. We excel at providing IT services for those businesses without an IT Department. Think of us as your IT Department “to go”. We are proud to create an environment where technology supports your business and allows it to succeed and grow to whatever level you see fit. Here at Eagle Feather Enterprises, we believe that technology should help, not hinder. We can guarantee to increase and maintain a comfortable level of technology uptime by designing your technology as a maintenance free and efficient source of productivity.

If you are just joining us as a new customer, you can expect an extensive review of your current technology and a subsequent recommendation of what needs to be done to remove any friction points. Once a fresh and stable technology environment is established, we can then add components that are always cost effective and will enhance your business, allowing you to compete with the same cost comparable solutions that a larger corporate competitor might use.

We do not lock ourselves into any one type of hardware or software. PC or MAC, and a myriad of software solutions in many colors and flavors to suit your needs are what we deliver and support.

Here are just a few of the services you can expect from us

  • Computer Maintenance and support
  • Custom Computers designed to fit your budget and needs
  • Software Support and Solutions custom fit to your needs

  • Network Maintenance and Support
  • Corporate Website and Email presence
  • Remote Access and Hardware uptime monitoring

  • Cost Saving Consulting
  • Technology Advice and Shopping Services
  • Data Preservation (Backup and Restoration Solutions)