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Small Office/Home Office, whatever the location, it’s your office. We want to make sure everything you have works brilliantly in harmony with your own work style.

We literally pull ingenious solutions right out of our hats to make your computer experience FUN!


We salute you SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) workers, workers who enjoy the comforts of productivity and entrepreneurship right in the comfort of your own home. Sitting there, barefoot, or in slippers working away with the rest of us (and yes, the rest of us are envious).

Since you work from home you probably still want to set yourself apart from those with an outside office even though your home office is just as capable as any other if not even more-so. Your Home Office actually floats above other homes around you in that you potentially have the resources of a high rise building with a fully staffed IT department. We know how important the reliability of your technology has become. You expect to walk into your home office (or living room) turn on your computer and voila!, there it is. Perhaps before you migrated to a cozier workplace you had an IT Department at your beck and call? Well now with Eagle Feather Enterprises, your IT Department is simply a call away. Many of your day-to-day frustrations can be addressed by us remotely, including streamlining, software installation, updating and maintenance, all without us setting a foot in your sanctuary.

When you actually do need a physical visit from us, we are able to address onsite hardware repairs or upgrades in your environment and around your schedule allowing you to continue working with zero to minimal downtime.

Services we offer to our SOHO customers: We will review your current technology. Following an evaluation, we will recommend and incorporate solutions that will amaze you at their simplicity and ability to extend your operation to fit the growth potential you need. We can provide immediate remote assistance for those times when things go wrong. We can even offer virtual solutions that can make the physical limitations of your SOHO office expand virtually. We will make sure your technology is just as comfortable as your working environment.