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Digital Scrying

by Patrick Rardin in Technology

What is Digital Scrying, you might ask? Well, as technical support folks often we are asked what we think of upcoming technology, that is technology that has yet to be released, for example a new cell phone touted to be released within the next 3 to 6 months. I love this question as it truly is speculation. If you went to the developers and interviewed the programmers and engineers they most certainly would tell you it isn’t even ready to be released. When you get to the marketing department, not only are they telling you that you should pre-order their latest piece of monolithic technology they express curiosity as to why you are still standing there and not running to your computer to pre-order.

If I were to venture an opinion on future products not yet released this would be tantamount to Digital Scrying a practice I try my best to avoid. First of all, regardless of how much beta testing has been done, and no matter how many electronic shows it has received standing ovations at, the product is truly still in a theoretical stage. Beta testers pale in comparison to the real world use of new software or products (gadgets). Once the product is actually launched you can then begin to form opinions based on real-time reviews and other users the world over.

I strongly discourage people, when they ask me about the latest and greatest products to be, from running out and standing in line to get them. These days time is in short demand spend your time productively, using time tested products, there will always be someone else daring enough to try a new product and suffer its shortcomings or enjoy its fantastic-ness. Regardless of any of the digital scrying, which abounds, I have yet to see a new technological product released without initial glitches breaking the hearts of the early adopters.

Call me once the product is out and amongst the general public, then I’ll give you a great review, well educated evaluation, and then you can decide. Speculation, or digital scrying, is just that and gets us all in trouble at some point.

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